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Intrusion detection, or burglary alarm, is the most common form of electronic security on the market today, and what you get has a lot to do with who your chosen provider is.

At United Security & Control Systems, we don’t sell $99 specials or “cookie cutter” systems that may offer you peace of mind, but little protection. Our systems are custom designed to protect your home or business, and our monitoring contracts can be cancelled at any time without penalties, fees or hassles. Our systems will usually cost you less over the lifetime of your system.

Monitoring your system through United Security & Control Systems starts at $25 per month.

United Security is committed to providing advanced electronic systems for homes while providing unmatched support to our customers. Whether you are building a new home or facility, or you need to bring your technology infrastructure completely up to date, we have the experience and knowledge to prepare your site for today and tomorrow.

Serving our community for more than twenty years, we are proud of our extensive experience with newly constructed homes. Rest assured that by working with us, your home will be safe, secure, and have the options you want right at your fingertips.

United Security & Control Systems also understands how critical structured wiring is to your overall technologies.

Proper wiring infrastructure for the homeowner ensures you are prepared to meet such future needs as high-speed internet, home office phones and intercoms, home entertainment and home automation. We are well prepared to identify and address your best structured approach – from wiring types (copper, fiber, category X, etc.) to the most efficient installation (overhead, sub floor, integrated, etc.) and distribution design.

Systems and components come and go over the years – changing, improving, upgrading. But your wiring capabilities should be designed to accommodate those changes that are sure to come. You can be confident that your selection of United Security & Control Systems means a structured wiring solution that is developed in the best interest of your specific needs and special challenges.

Safety, security, entertainment, and convenience . . . for today and tomorrow.