Q: What do I need to know before purchasing an electronic Security System?

Before purchasing an Electronic Security System, make sure the following apply:

  • Any business that sells, monitors, installs and/or services electronic security equipment must be licensed by the Department of Criminal Justice System. (You can verify the business has a valid license by calling the Private Security Services Section.)
  • The contract must contain the DCJS Business License Number that will be 11 followed by a four digit number.
  • Anyone who sells, installs, services or monitors electronic security equipment must be registered with DCJS unless exempted by the Code of Virginia.
  • To become registered with DCJS, the individual must complete compulsory minimum training and pass a criminal history check.
  • The electronic security equipment sales representative and/or technician must present credentials issued by DCJS (photo identification or letter of registration) upon your request.
  • If the sales rep or technician cannot produce valid DCJS credentials, do not do business with them and follow the steps listed below.

Q: What should you do if a sales person from an electronic security company cannot show you he or she is registered with DCJS?

  • Take the information the sales person supplies you with and advise them you will call them after you have verified their credentials.
  • Telephone DCJS and provide the name of the person and the company they work for and wait for verification of the information over the telephone.
  • Do not do business with an electronic security company or sales person if they are not licensed and registered.
  • If the technician who comes to your home or business does not have a valid photo ID or registration letter from DCJS, do not allow them in your home. Be sure to contact DCJS to verify their credentials as soon as possible.

Q: How are private security service companies regulated in Virginia?

The Private Security Services Section of DCJS regulates private security in Virginia by:

  • Issuing business licenses, registration and certification
  • Certifying training schools
  • Investigating complaints
  • Conducting compliance inspections
  • Investigating unlicensed activity

Q: How can I file complaint?

A complaint form is available on the DCJS web site. To receive a form by mail, you may contact DCJS at (804)786-4700 or you may file your complaint by telephone.